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Published on 27 January 2011 Hits: 928

YJSG is loaded with new features and checks out all points of Joomla! web development including , security , design , coding standards and site speed. From array of features we would like to name a few and give you a short insight in to new joomla template coding standards.

List of YJSimpleGrid Key Features:

  • Advanced Joomla Template Manager Admin Panel
  • Flexible Layouts
  • Over 51 collapsible module positions easily add more
  • Automatic module width adjustments in template manager
  • Native RTL
  • Native Mobile devices support
  • Enhanced SEO features to increase your site visibility
  • Custom iPhone/iPad/iPod and handheld devices template
  • Cross browser support
  • Native Cufon and Google Font plus 15 CSS font styles
  • Native Jquery Support
  • Native rounded and square module styles 1 click switch
  • 1 image PNG transparent rounded corners approach for easy editing
  • Component off switch or menu item assignment
  • Topmenu off switch or menu item assignment
  • 7 default module grids with 5 modules each. Easily add more
  • Flexible logo and header size changer
  • Upgraded server side compression
  • Frontpage news items number of characters control
  • Visible RTL switch and Font resizer
  • 5 menu types
  • Yj Mega Menu
  • Custom error and offline pages
  • Custom user pages ( com_users )
  • Slide to top smothscroll
  • XHTML , CSS and JS valid

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